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Hi, I’m Stacey Johnson


I am a… Licensed Professional Counselor + Entrepreneur + Speaker + Podcaster + Wifey + Momma to 8
My jam… Encourage + Equip + Empower
I’m all about… Identity + Experiential Therapy + The Daring Way + Mindfulness + Mantras + Workshops + Therapeutic Retreats + Dance

I love working with women to help clarify values, empower their dreams, and live from their true identity.

The core of all my work comes back to this belief: “What she does flows out of who she believes she is.

I say “who she believes she is” because even if you know who you are and your divine worth - unless you believe it, you will struggle showing up and living out your true self in freedom and confidence. We can only speak our truth if we are living in our truth.

Your identity is what you live from. It shapes your values, boundaries, dreams, and mindset. Identity also fuels your choices in work, play, health, relationships, what goes in your planner and where you spend your time.

I believe together we can clarify and empower every margin of life to cultivate the gifts of optimum mental, emotional, spiritual and relational health.



The heart of my private practice is to be a safe place to process life honestly.

Only two things determine if you should have a personal therapist. Are you living? Are you breathing? Excellent. Therapy is for you. Therapy is for me. Therapy is for everyone. I work with women, in every season of life, as well as co-counsel with my husband for couples. Just as we have physical health, every person has mental health, and it affects every other area of your life. The client/therapist relationship is a sacred, healing bond that empowers all other relationships, especially your relationship to yourself. Click below for more info!  

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The Girly Bliss Show is for women in every stage and season.

Every episode is designed to encourage, equip, and empower you to discover and live your best life with mindful practices, truth bombs, and practical tips. Listen, subscribe, and follow along on Facebook and Instagram.

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Upcoming Workshops, Retreats, & Speaking Events 

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"Laughter, song, and dance create emotional and spiritual connection; they remind us of the one thing that truly matters when we are searching for comfort, celebration, inspiration, or healing: We are not alone." -Brené Brown

Brené Brown also calls dance full bod vulnerability. At my dance studio, the dance floor is holy ground for healing, connection, self discovery, as well as experiential inspiration. No matter your level of experience, at Studio 7, you can dance with us.